"Think of house flipping on steroids!" - Sacramento Magazine

Our Business

iHeart Homes Corporation have a goal to build a brand to reflect the excitement of finding that perfect home in desperate need of help and breathing life back into it. As well as their desire to reflect the historic gold country community that iHeart Homes live in, love so much, and strive to preserve.

     For the family, this business has grown over the years creating a hype for neighbors, friends and fans who have followed their homes and look forward to their open houses through out Historic Gold Country. Since they are a family, each with their own take on the business and their own contribution to add to the business, it makes their story unique and shows their love for the homes they work on.  

     From the worst and most dilapidated homes on the market that they buy, to their design style and creative staging ideas, most real estate agents are able to look at their homes online and know it is an iHeart homes home.  Those who see their homes from beginning to end respond after seeing the end product by saying, “This is more then just a flip!”. Buyers who walk through their open houses describe them as having a “Homey Feeling.” Their homes are cozy, comfortable, inviting and warm. 

     All iHeart Homes are always designed with an open feel, custom vanities in the bathrooms and warm welcoming colors throughout their remodels, such as the color yellow. These are trademarks of their style. All rooms are always staged which includes drapes to add that extra feel of warmth throughout the house. All homes are designed with a theme as well. Some themes have been ranch style, French Country, Nautical, Shabby Chic, Spanish Style, Mid-Century Modern just to name a view. Check out the YouTube videos in "Our Homes" to see a few of these finished homes. 

     This family behind iHeart Homes understands that they are creating “homes” for other families to enjoy and create memories in with their own families. Their homes are about detail, functionality, something to love and take pride in. They like to believe their homes are more than just flips. At iHeart Homes they work at creating homes to be loved all over again by their new owners. 

“Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends and family belong and laughter never ends"